Disaster Response and Aid

Disaster Response and Aid - What We Do

Partners and Collaborators

ART collaborates with partners to stage and ship humanitarian aid after a crisis occurs.

If not organized and executed well, logistics can be the Achilles heel of emergency response. One of AmericasRelief Team’s programs is dedicated to managing collaborative efforts of corporations and NGOs to help maximize relief aid following a humanitarian crisis event, to ensure that reaches the most affected areas and to those most in need. AmericasRelief Team also provides ongoing logistics assistance to humanitarian NGOs, conducts educational projects, and implements comprehensive relief plans for the Caribbean Basin Region.

Immediate Reaction to Crisis, Preparation for the Future

AmericasRelief Team was created to collaborate with corporations and non-profit organizations to help the Americas in times of crisis and disasters. ART reacts to immediate crises, provides ongoing logistics assistance, and plans for future disasters in the region through supporting effective coordination of humanitarian relief.

When disaster strikes, ART coordinates with affected governments, the U.S. government, corporate donors, air and sea cargo carriers, logistics companies, nongovernmental experts, and others, and then effectively channels emergency relief to where it is most needed.